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Web Video Marketing: Responding to Consumer Habits

Web Video Marketing: Responding to Consumer Habits

If you’re paying attention to consumer trends, you may have already heard web video marketing touted as the go-to new-kid-on-the-block. Consumers are making their voices heard—loud and clear. Be the translator for your clients, and show them the numbers. Consumers spend a lot of time online, and if your clients are listening, they’ll adopt a web video marketing strategy into their mix of marketing tools to get results.

If there’s a case to be made for web video marketing, consumers are making it—loud and clear.  Are your clients listening and adopting a web video marketing strategy into their mix of marketing tools? It makes sense—if you’re paying attention to consumer trends.

Consumers in action

Consumers are spending more and more time online, and the numbers prove it. While there has been a huge jump in the number of people spending time watching online videos in recent years, ad revenue spending for web video marketing is responding to this trend, with corresponding budget increases year over year.

Of the respondents in eMarketer’s report “Advertisers in Canada Race to Catch Up to Online Video Audiences,” a shocking 92 percent—which includes people 14 years of age and older—reported watching video. Argentina is the only country with higher rates. This is a lost opportunity for clients that ignore web video marketing.

The good news is, businesses that are investing in web video marketing are seeing results, and using cross-medium video strategies to get their messages across to consumers—where they spend a lot of time. eMarketer also projects that businesses will increase online video spending in the future. Recent trends show a rise each year in video marketing spending, reaching $127.8 million in 2012, with an expected peak of $360.5 million by 2016.

Expert voices

While the numbers offer proof of web video marketing’s importance, industry leaders also herald its relevance:

  • Julie Roehm, “Chief Storyteller” at SAP, presented at the 2013 Inbound Marketing Summit using a series of web videos, to support the notion that web video marketing gets results for businesses seeking to penetrate the market and make their brands known through social media.
  • Joe Pulizzi, of Content Marketing Institute, believes web video marketing has a firm foothold in the future of content marketing. He confirms it is the hottest trend—along with mobile marketing—a must-have tool that businesses can use.
  • The New York Times recently appointed a managing editor, solely for its video production department—a clear indication of its importance to their digital strategy as a whole.
  • Melody King of advises businesses to adopt web video marketing to drive SEO, and expects businesses to incorporate video across multiple online media formats.

The nitty-gritty

So how can you get your clients on board with a web video marketing strategy once you’ve shown them the proof is in the pudding? Let the numbers speak for themselves. Then, recommend the following strategies.

Location, location, location

The medium you recommend to clients will make or break the campaign. Some businesses post videos solely to video-hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo, while others post content only to their websites.

Using hosted sites offers advantages like easy uploads, lots of traffic and potential for sharing; however, your clients may run into problems, like finding an effective monetization strategy, difficulty linking to their own sites, restriction to low-quality videos, and a lack of comprehensive analytics.

Posting videos only to your client’s site may prove more difficult, offering lackluster results—unless the client already has a large following.

Your clients’ end goals will, in part, determine the best approach. Discuss goals like brand awareness, premium sites, attraction and budget costs before making a decision.

A multi-pronged approach

The hybrid approach to web video marketing:  employing a combination of videos on the client’s YouTube channel, and website, is a good approach. Consider incorporating these ideas:

  • Short videos posted on YouTube can draw consumers to the full-length versions on the client’s site, driving traffic where clients need it—and not to YouTube only.
  • Upload teaser videos on hosted sites to attract consumers to the website, where they’ll find high-quality versions posted. For clients who desire and need high-quality, high-definition videos in full-screen mode, this method works well.
  • Use call-to-actions in videos that direct consumers to other content on the client’s main website. Lead consumers to white paper offers, free reports, and more to increase social sharing.
  • Keep in mind that more is better. In CMI’s 2013 study on web videos, the most successful online marketers using video produced an average of 181 videos, compared to businesses at the bottom of the scale, which produced only 29. Don’t worry so much about length, though. CMI’s report didn’t find that length necessarily impacted appeal, with videos ranging in length from 30 seconds to 20 minutes; however, in a time-crunched society, shorter videos generally do well.
  • Don’t forget engagement. Post-and-go content won’t have the same impact as the videos with which your client engages the audience. Remind clients that web video marketing requires the same attention to community engagement, as any other social media tool.

How do your clients feel about web video marketing? Can they afford NOT to implement web video marketing as part of an effective digital strategy? Do you have the tools necessary to promote its appeal, follow best practices, and position your clients for success?

Photo from Flickr by Vratislav Darmek.

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