Despite the fact that email subscriptions are still the best way to follow brands and companies, only a quarter of marketers use video in their email marketing campaigns, according to a new report by The Relevancy Group. The report, entitled The ROI of video in email marketing, surveyed 266 marketing executives to look at how video is being utilized in their email campaigns. And, the findings were enlightening. Most notably, the findings highlighted how adding video to marketing emails not only delivers a much higher return on investment, but also increases engagement, social sharing and conversion.

Marketers still lagging on video email uptake

It has been well documented that consumers love video, but many marketers are still lagging behind when it comes to adding video content to their email marketing campaigns. In the report, 43% of marketers said they didn’t use video in their email campaigns because they didn’t have the content to do so, while 27% said they were deterred by production costs.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

A further 24% said they had other email priorities to focus on and 22% said they were skeptical about whether video would actually improve the performance of their email campaigns.

However, despite these barriers, more than 80% are “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to utilize video in their emails in the future.

Video brings real returns

Of the respondents who have used video in an email marketing campaign, more than half reported higher click-through rates, 44% saw an increase in reader engagement, and 41% reported an increase in the sharing or forwarding of the email message. Another significant finding indicated that video resulted in an increase in the dollars generated from the email message in 20% of cases.

David Daniels, CEO of The Relevancy Group, says these results indicate that consumers are flocking to online video in record numbers, and he stresses that marketers need to start adding videos to their emails in order to reap the benefits.

Our survey found that marketers that utilize video in email have increased their click-through and conversion rates, and are generating forty percent higher monthly revenue than those that do not use video.

Daniels also emphasized that, in order to effectively execute video in email, marketers need to ensure videos have a click-to-configure feature, which allows marketers to add phrases, marketing messages, and clickable call-to-action links, as well as sharing features that allows for social networking.