The Variety of Online Videos that Works Best for Business

The Variety of Online Videos that Works Best for Business

The key to connecting with an audience or target market is to engage them in a medium where all their attention is centred on the product or business.  As more and more digital agencies are learning, nothing does this as well as a professionally produced business or marketing videos.

Let’s get into the details …

Product Videos – If a client’s business involves software or technical merchandise that requires them to make things easy for customers to understand, the video marketing experts they hire, should know how to make excellent product videos.

People do not read instruction manuals anymore, especially since the advent of sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. If customers are shown products through a visual outlet such as videos, then, there’s a 54% higher chance of them buying the product – a conversion. Plus another added benefit is search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank videos higher when conducting a search. If the video title and content has the keyword, chances are they’ll rank higher than a web page that has the same keywords[1].


Heineken video  – “The Candidate”

Witty/Funny/Interesting Viral Videos – During 2012- 2013 UEFA Champion’s League, Heineken, the international beer brand, launched an ad showing how they conducted job interviews for what they called “the best job interview”. The video[2] portrayed a Heineken Human Resource manager using an unconventional interview technique – putting the candidates in weird, uncompromising situations so they reveal their “true” characteristics versus what their resumes indicate. This involved helping a person who was apparently having a heart attack, while also helping firemen save a person who was trying to jump off a building, where the fire alarm had been set off. Not all of the candidates passed this series of tests, but the one person who did, was asked to be a part of the emblem flying team, during the Juventus vs Chelsea match. This is when the giant screen revealed that that person had bagged the job with Heineken.

Now apart from being a very interesting video that was heavily shared among people in social networks, it also gave a huge boost to the Heineken brand. It’s not easy to tell when a video will go viral, but by creating content that is unique, funny or interesting, in such a way that viewers want to associate themselves with it through sharing, chances are the client’s brand will get more exposure than any other marketing mediums.

Keeping it Concise – What any expert video marketing professional would vouch for is, the video needs to be short and should clearly convey the message. The same rule applies for testimonial videos, call-to-action-type of videos and even sales and marketing videos. If people need more details, they can subscribe to the products channels on Facebook or YouTube, which gives them access to extraneous information.

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