Press Releases with Video Attract 55.4% More Views

Press Releases with Video Attract 55.4% More Views

Businesses need to start incorporating video content into their press releases, according to a study conducted this past year.

Content marketing agency SEO-PR, along with Get City Dealz and Business Wire, endeavored to find out if multimedia in press releases generated better results than releases that were solely text-based.

The results showed unanimously that video definitely improved viewership, with press releases containing video attracting over 50% more views than releases without.

“Get City Dealz” Press Release Challenge 

Get City Dealz was tasked with creating similar press releases for three local New Orleans businesses, with each release offering a daily deal or bargain on the Get City Dealz platform.

The press releases were issued via Business Wire at 6:30am on successive Saturday mornings in February, and these releases were timed to coincide with the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, targeting more than 1 million tourists and 5,000 media members.

The first press release, from a French Quarter boutique, went out on February 2 and contained a video. The second press release, from a restaurant in the French Quarter, included a picture menu and was sent out on February 9, and the third release, from a local boutique shop, went out on February 23 without any multimedia.

Photo of shrimp remoulade in conch shell bowl

Video Trumps the Competition

When researchers analyzed the results on April 1, 2013, the first release (with video) had 5,059 views and 230 link clicks, and the YouTube video itself had an additional 69 views.

The second release (with a picture menu) had 3,406 views and 181 link clicks, while the third release (without any multimedia) had 3,255 views and 169 link clicks.

a screenshot image of a spreadsheet comparing reports

This means that the press release containing video had 55.4% more views and 36.1% more link clicks than the other releases.

And views weren’t the only thing that increased. Greg Jarboe, President of SEO-PR, said that sales of the products that were advertised skyrocketed.

“The online video news release for Jazzy Nola featured some unique wine tumblers made in a distinctly New Orleans style with a gold fleur de lis imprinted on the tumbler.

“The release helped sell out of the order of wine tumblers, which were great for tourists and visitors wandering the French Quarter during ‘The Big Game’ or on the Mardi Gras parade route.”

Video: The Future for Press Releases

Relatively few press releases today contain video content because videos can be more time consuming and expensive than sending out paragraphs of text. But, if the above study highlights anything, it’s just how important video content is for gaining consumer attention.

So, regardless of the industry, if a brand or business is trying to engage and interact with their consumers, adding video to a press release can help them achieve this goal.

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