How To Find The Ideal Script Length For Your Marketing Video Content

A well-written, engaging script is key to any successful marketing video. After all, the words tell the story, and the story is what resonates with your customers. But how long should the script be? If you cram in too much information, your audience may lose interest. But if your [...]

Beyond Viral: 5 Functional Video Ad Styles That Drive Brand Lift & Conversions

Businesses large and small are turning to online video ads to explain their services and grow their brands. And with good reason – a recent study by Facebook & Nielsen confirmed that even 3 second video ad views and impressions drive value in terms of ad recall, brand awareness [...]

3 Tactics to Enhance Your Client’s Facebook Campaigns with Video Advertising

Facebook’s recent shift and emphasis on video content has opened up a world of video advertising opportunities for brands and agencies. Ad execs are now realizing that video is the next big tool for targeting the platform’s huge video viewing audience and getting higher conversions on their Facebook ad [...]

Video Discussion: Simplifying the Video Ad Creation Process

With 68% of businesses planning to increase their digital video ad spend; we know that online video is on the minds of most marketers and agencies today. In fact, video content and video advertising was the focus of the panel discussion at a recent Google Partners event held in [...]

5 Emerging Video Advertising Trends

Advertising dollars have always followed the eyes of consumers, and going by Cisco’s forecast, 79% of consumers will be watching online video by 2018. As video advertising spend increases and even outpaces TV and other digital formats, online video emerges as the fastest-growing advertising category. With an average CTR of [...]

The Evolution of Video Production: Video in any volume, anywhere, delivered in 14 days

By now we all know that content marketing has exploded, and that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, most marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets this year. It should also come as no surprise that a large portion of these budgets will be allocated to video production, since [...]

Video Discussion: Functional vs. Viral Videos Plus a Few YouTube Advertising Misconceptions

Google Partners gained many new video advertising insights at the Google Canada YouTube event held this week in Toronto, Canada. Over 150 partners joined speakers from Google Canada, YouTube, 6S Marketing and SoMedia Networks to learn about evolving media trends and how advertising dollars are shifting towards online video [...]

6 Best Practices For Product Video Ads

Amongst the many online shopping trends that are impacting e-commerce businesses, product video ads provide the biggest opportunity for marketers to convert browsers to shoppers. According to a recent Video Commerce Benchmarks Report by Invodo, retail video views were up 54% in 2014 and online shoppers who viewed video were [...]

SoMedia Founder George Fleming Joins Expert Panel at Google Partners YouTube Event in Toronto

SoMedia Founder and Co-CEO George Fleming will be joining an expert panel at the upcoming Google Agency Partners event being held in Toronto Tuesday, April 14th at the Design Exchange. It’s an exclusive, hands-on event for Google agencies focused on the opportunities for their clients on YouTube. This is an [...]

3 Ways Your Video Investment Can Give You Immediate Payback

There are countless reasons why online video consumption is exploding. To name a few - people find video content more compelling than text,  remember visual content better, and video informs their purchase decisions. Despite consumer’s preferences, some marketers and businesses shy away from producing high-quality video content because of the [...]