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Tips & Video Campaign Checklist

7 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video Campaign

This article was originally featured in the Marketo Blog. If you’re a digital marketer who is somewhat new to video marketing, you can take some comfort in the words that follow. First of all, you’re not alone! While 52 million US adults watch professional video content every month, online video marketing is still largely viewed … Continue Reading

Psychological and Scientific perspective for using video in email

Video Content – The New Black of Email Marketing

As an email marketer, you are probably bombarded with studies and statistics that highlight the benefit of using video in your email campaigns. While it is interesting to look at numbers, it is also important to know why it makes sense from a behavioral perspective. To set the context let us start with a few … Continue Reading

video content marketing

Video is the New Black for Content Marketing

Content marketing was the buzzword of 2013, resulting in marketers scrambling to create engaging guides, e-books, white papers, infographics, and blog posts to attract and retain customers. This year the trend continues, but something has changed – we’re seeing the power of video take hold and dominate the content marketing space. It seems to be … Continue Reading

Cross country video campaign

How to Create a Cross-Country Video Campaign

In the past, large companies and franchises had to invest a significant chunk of their marketing budgets to create on-location videos for each of their branches. It was either spend the money on their own video departments and equipment, or hire affordable videographers in each city, and risk getting videos with inconsistent branding. Now, the … Continue Reading

Video Testimonial

Testimonial Video Ads – How to Get Your Customers to Tell Your Story


Most marketers, including Seth Godin have realized that good marketing today is about good storytelling. As a business, you can t ... Continue Reading

Leonardo Header

Leonardo – Bringing New Innovations to the Hospitality Industry With Video


With more and more travelers relying on video to make their online purchase decisions, hospitality marketers are seeing a huge ris ... Continue Reading


6 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in (More) Video Content in 2015


Video content is, without a doubt, the single most efficient way to highlight your products, services and business. And with today ... Continue Reading

landing page video

5 Key Optimization Tips for Your Landing Page Video


A well designed landing page is one of your most important tool as an inbound marketer. But when your goal is click-throughs and c ... Continue Reading

somedia scalable video integration with Hootsuite

New Scalable Video App for Hootsuite Allows Users to Schedule, Manage and Order Video Content


Earlier this week SoMedia announced its 20th integration, making its free video app available for Hootsuite. The Scalable Video ap ... Continue Reading

introduce team with video

The Human Element – Why You Need to Introduce Your Team and Customers With Video


People are curious by nature, so it should come as no surprise that business videos that explore real-life personalities and behin ... Continue Reading

How to look and sound amazing on camera

How to Look and Sound Amazing on Camera


The thought of being in front of a camera can be terrifying for some. Will I look ok? Will I sound intelligent? Will viewers like ... Continue Reading

How to create a successful mobile video ad

5 Elements of a Successful Mobile Video Advertisement


Have you ever wondered what the secret to a successful mobile video advertisement was? Mobile Marketing Association recently condu ... Continue Reading


How to Create Amazing Video Content Using Your Analytics


All great marketers know – if your content isn’t performing well, you will need to dive into your analytics to see what’s re ... Continue Reading