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Help Clients Expand Their Online Businesses With E-Commerce Sites

Did you know how easy it is to offer e-commerce websites? SoMedia has partnered with Bigcommerce, the world’s leading e-commerce platform, to make it easy for you to produce and sell e-commerce enabled websites to your clients. Earn extra money and happy clients at the same time! Here’s why partnering with Bigcommerce is good for … Continue Reading

higher sales with online video

Ramp Up Client Sales With Product Videos

Are you helping your clients maximize online sales? Are you creating awesome product videos? You should be! In a new guest post that we’ve contributed to the Bigcommerce blog, we outline why every online business should have product videos on their site. Check it out and start adding even more value for your clients.

lululemon marketing videos

What Lululemon Can Teach Brands About Video

While bad press and negative backlash have plagued Lululemon over the past six months, the Vancouver-based yoga apparel company has continued to push forward with their positive life messages. From their Facebook page to their Pinterest to their Tumblr, Lululemon is continually spreading their healthy-living, yoga-loving ethos to the world. And their content marketing practices … Continue Reading

marketers need video optimization

A Tale of Two Marketers: Why Video Optimization Matters

Article by Jennifer Pepper. This article originally appeared as contributed content on There are two main kinds of video marketers out there. You’ve probably met them – heck, you might even identify with ‘em! Say hello to “Post-and-Pray Pete” and “Strategic Sue”. Who are these two marketers? Making videos for the sole purpose of … Continue Reading

virgin airlines marketing video

From Boring to Unique: How Airlines Use Video for Brand Marketing


Airlines Use Video Marketing for Brand Building Airlines have become one of the most successful producers of video content in the ... Continue Reading

tumblr for video marketing

Increase Video Views and Revenue with Tumblr


Facebook, Meet Your Match: Tumblr Experts may sing the praises of Facebook and YouTube when it comes to video marketing, but it is ... Continue Reading

twitter one-click play video

Twitter Makes Mobile Video Ad Viewing Even Easier with One-Click Play


Article by Carla Marshall Editor’s note: this post originally appeared as contributed content on Twitter is fle ... Continue Reading

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5 Best Branded Vines of the Week


Article by Carla Marshall Editor’s note: this post originally appeared as contributed content on Another week, ... Continue Reading

b2b companies

The State of Video Marketing in the B2B World


Video is Necessary for B2B Marketers As the demand for visually-rich content increases, B2B marketers have started seeing video as ... Continue Reading


How Top Companies Get Greater ROI from Video Marketing


How are Best-in-Class Companies Using Video Marketing? A new report from the Aberdeen Group looks at the adoption of video by thre ... Continue Reading