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Video is the New Black for Content Marketing

Content marketing was the buzzword of 2013, resulting in marketers scrambling to create engaging guides, e-books, white papers, infographics, and blog posts to attract and retain customers. This year the trend continues, but something has changed – we’re seeing the power of video take hold and dominate the content marketing space. It seems to be … Continue Reading

video apps in marketing automation

Say Hello to the Marketer’s Guide to Using Video in Marketing Automation

If you’re one of the 55% of marketers that’s using marketing automation, then you’ve probably already benefited from improved lead management and nurturing. But did you know that you can get 66% higher conversions from incorporating video content into your campaigns? The new era is upon us – video apps have made their way into … Continue Reading


How Your Brain Responds to Video Content

Great landing pages, campaigns, emails and websites have one mission: get visitors to take action. And whether that’s signing up for a demo, downloading some piece of content, or subscribing to a newsletter, you first need to establish trust with your audience. So how do you do this? Well, with video content. Video grabs a … Continue Reading

tips to create effective thumbnails

5 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Video Thumbnails

This article was originally featured in The ExactTarget Blog. Like a movie poster or book cover, a video thumbnail is the first thing your audience sees. And while it’s nice to think that we don’t judge books by their covers, when it comes to video thumbnails, we do! That’s why, as digital marketers, we need … Continue Reading

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5 Tips for Marketing Video Content on Vine


Vine is one of the most popular social video sites currently available, yet according to Mixpo, less than 2 out of 10 US agency ex ... Continue Reading


Why Video Marketers Need to Capitalize on Annual Events


Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday or Easter, there is an event for just about every month of the year – and you ... Continue Reading

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Video for Internal Communications: 5 Best Practices from Enterprises


With so many businesses using video for external communications, employees have come to expect the same type of communications int ... Continue Reading

closed captioning

Did You Know Closed Captioning Increases Video Views & Improves SEO?


Closed captions are typically added to videos to improve comprehension and to make videos more accessible to viewers with hearing ... Continue Reading

td bank successful video marketing

Why TD Bank’s Video Marketing Campaign Was So Successful


Have you watched TD Bank’s latest video where an in-store ATM distributes presents to customers? If not, then click on the video ... Continue Reading

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How to Choose the Right Video Thumbnail


When viewers search for a video online, they are presented with literally hundreds of options on the same topic. Having the right ... Continue Reading

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Which Video File Format Should I Use?


Choosing the right file format when creating a video can be a confusing decision for a business, especially if they are somewhat n ... Continue Reading